Industrial Blast Shields

Heat Shield Window System with Blast Resistant Glass

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass serves your blast resistant glass needs with a heat shield window system developed to address on-going problematic volatile situations. This heat shield system can also be designed into new blast resistant glass applications.

Blast Resistant Glass in the Heat Shield SystemThrough the use of specific types of glass and framing, a blast resistant glass window system can help provide injury prevention, environmental protection (reduce heat transfer, sound reduction), improve existing sight lines, and provide a maintenance friendly replacement style.

Our heat shield window system is currently being used in many varied industries for common blast resistant glass applications such as:

  • Primary metals
  • Steel facilities crane cabs, pulpits, work stations
  • Aluminum facilities pot room cranes, skimmers, furnace forklifts
  • Foundries hot metal carriers, pouring stations
  • Slag handling/reclamation front loader cabs, crusher stations

Blast Resistant Glass to be replacedOur blast resistant glass heat shield window system provides safety. The multi-layered, tempered, heat resistant glass withstands impacts and heat that destroy regular windows.

Once the glass has become damaged our patented quick change wedge system makes installing new glass quick and effortless.