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Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass is a borosilicate glass supplier. We offer borosilicate glass fabrication services to meet your custom needs. Whether you’re in need of borosilicate fabrication services for standard applications that are heat and shatter-resistant or if you’re looking for more advanced and custom borosilicate glass fabrication services, we have got you covered! We supply borosilicate glass in all shapes, sizes, & materials and promises quick delivery at competitive prices.

Borosilicate glass applications

Borosilicate glass such as Schott Borofloat® & Schott Supremax® is typically specified for applications that require glass with unique chemical, thermal, mechanical and optical properties. When glass must be able to withstand higher temperatures, resist chemicals, and withstand a high degree of thermal shock, borosilicate glass is a dependable selection.

Borosilicate is the preferred glass material for a variety of applications requiring heat and shatter resistance. Composed of silica and at least 5% boron oxide, products manufactured with borosilicate are perfect for reduced breakage and chemical resistance.

Products that commonly use borosilicate glass include:

  • Laboratory equipment such as beakers, test tubes, and telescopic mirrors
  • Aquarium heaters
  • Flashlight lenses
  • Micro-wave safe containers
  • Kitchenware

Boroscilate Glass FabricationBorosilicate glass properties

Borosilicate glass is developed through the addition of boron to the glass frit composition of silicate sand, soda, and ground lime. Its high thermal and chemical resistance, along with its excellent transparency and surface quality, making it ideal for high-tech special glass applications.

Industries using borosilicate glass include:

Borosilicate glass is commonly found in the following industries:

  • Lighting glass
  • Chemical
  • Home appliance
  • Photovoltaic & solar
  • Precision engineering optics
  • Medical
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor engineering

How is borosilicate glass manufactured?

Borosilicate glass is fabricated by adding boron/boric oxide to standard glass frit composition including silicate sand, soda, and ground lime. Once added, the mixture is heated to extremely high temperatures for extended periods. The material, now molten, is processed into different glass molds and shapes.  In the case of Borofloat, Schott employs its exclusive and highly advanced micro float production line to produce polished high-quality sheets in a wide variety of thicknesses.   For sections thicker than one inch, Schott’s rolled Supremax borosilicate plate is available up to 57.2 mm in thickness. BOROFLOAT® 33 properties is what makes it unique.

What size is borosilicate glass available in?

Stock sizes, polished finish:
.7 mm 2.75 mm 6.5 mm 15 mm
1.1 mm 3.3 mm 7.5 mm 16 mm
1.75 mm 3.8 mm 9 mm 19 mm
2 mm 5 mm 11 mm 25.4 mm
2.25 mm 5.5 mm 13 mm
Stock sizes, rolled finish:
34.9 mm 41.3 mm 47.6 mm 57.2 mm