Case glass sales are not a problem for Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass

Case GlassCase glass is available when a large quantity is needed in one particular size or when smaller quantities of various sizes are the order.

We can mix and match case glass thickness to help you avoid both costly large container-size minimum orders and depleting manufacturer inventory. Choose Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass as your case glass supplier.

Available Borosilicate Glass Thicknesses:

Stock sizes, polished finish:
.7 mm 2.75 mm 6.5 mm 15 mm
1.1 mm 3.3 mm 7.5 mm 16 mm
1.75 mm 3.8 mm 9 mm 19 mm
2 mm 5 mm 11 mm 25.4 mm
2.25 mm 5.5 mm 13 mm  

Borosilicate Glass Details


Supremax® Glass Thicknesses:

Stock sizes, rolled finish:
34.9 mm 41.3 mm 47.6 mm 57.2 mm

Supremax® Glass Details