Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass Products and Solutions

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass fabricates glass products to meet the industrial glass needs of virtually every major U.S. industry, including steel mills, chemical plants, machine tool shops, and power generation plants. Our clients have increased efficiency and reduced downtime with our innovative industrial glass solutions.

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial GlassOccupying over 65,000 square feet with state-of-the-art machinery and the finest quality inspection, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass offers fast, reliable, and cost effective service, with some of the newest and most innovative ideas in the industry.

Our specialty is fabricated glass products for use in practically every major industry in the world. We serve markets from the steel and chemical industries to machine tool and power generation. If you are replacing existing equipment or developing a new design, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass is your source for creative solutions to meet the industrial glass needs that will increase efficiency and reduce downtime for years to come.