Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass applications

Borosilicate glass such as Schott Borofloat® & Schott Supremax® is typically specified for applications that require glass with unique chemical, thermal, mechanical and optical properties. When glass must be able to withstand higher temperatures, resist chemicals, and withstand a high degree of thermal shock, borosilicate glass is a dependable selection.

Boroscilate Glass FabricationBorosilicate glass properties

Borosilicate glass is developed through the addition of boron to the glass frit composition of silicate sand, soda, and ground lime. Its high thermal and chemical resistance, along with its excellent transparency and surface quality, make it ideal for high-tech special glass applications.

Industries using borosilicate glass include:

  • Lighting industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Home appliance industry
  • Photovoltaic/solar industry
  • Precision engineering optics
  • Medical industry and biotechnology
  • Semiconductor engineering industry

Available Borosilicate Glass Thicknesses:

Stock sizes, polished finish:
.7 mm 2.75 mm 6.5 mm 15 mm
1.1 mm 3.3 mm 7.5 mm 16 mm
1.75 mm 3.8 mm 9 mm 19 mm
2 mm 5 mm 11 mm 25.4 mm
2.25 mm 5.5 mm 13 mm
Stock sizes, rolled finish:
34.9 mm 41.3 mm 47.6 mm 57.2 mm