Fabricated Glass

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass manufactures a variety of fabricated glass products to meet virtually every industrial glass need. We provide industrial glass to a broad range of U.S. industries including medical, power generation, biotechnology, machining, semiconductors, lighting, solar, and more. Our custom fabricated glass services have allowed plants and businesses to increase efficiency, reduced downtime, and maximize productivity.

Fabricated Glass ProductionThe fabricated glass produced by our specialty glass division offers our clients a broad range of glass sizes. Specialty features include UV blocking and infrared reflecting heat shield. Our complete list of processes includes surface and O.D. grinding, O.D. polishing, drilling, heat  sawing, surface polishing, tempering, heat strengthening, CNC machining, waterjet cutting, coatings, and sandblasting.

We offer a wide selection of fabricated glass products:

  • Borosilicate Glass – demonstrates chemical resistance and a high degree of shock resistance
  • Fused Quartz – made to withstand extreme temperature ranges and shock resistance
  • Glass Ceramic – extreme heat capabilities, UV blocking, and virtually no thermal expansion
  • Soda Lime – specified for lower temperature applications