fused quartz

Fused Quartz Properties

Fused quartz such as Fused Silica GE 124®, is a glass that can tolerate extreme temperature ranges and provide thermal shock resistance. It differs from other glasses in the fact that no additional ingredients are required to lower the melt temperature, giving it much higher working and melting temperatures.

Fused Quartz FabricationFused quartz is developed by melting crystalline silica in sand or stone form. Often used in the same applications as fused silica, it has a significantly lower OH content. Fused quartz possesses a high degree of purity, high chemical resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and low thermal expansion coefficient.

Fused Quartz Silica Glass transmits ultraviolet very well, making it useful for lenses and optics for the ultraviolet spectrum. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion also makes it an ideal glass for precision mirror substrates.

Fused Quartz Applications

Many industries using fused quartz include:

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass is a fused quartz silica glass supplier with these options available:

Up to 6” thickness