Custom Glass Ceramic Fabrication Services

Robax glass ceramic, such as Schott Robax® or Schott Dark Robax®, is often recommended for applications that require extreme heat capabilities and UV blocking traits as well as virtually zero thermal expansion. Due to its extremely low thermal expansion, it can be subjected to extreme temperature differences. In high temperature conditions, it retains excellent form stability. Glass ceramic can be further developed with all of the normal methods of glass processing.

Glass Ceramic SamplesGlass ceramic has the fabrication advantage of glass as well as unique ceramics properties. It has properties such as zero porosity, high strength, toughness, translucency or opacity, pigmentation, machine-ability, and high chemical durability.

Many industries using glass ceramic include:

  • Chemical process sight glass
  • High temperature vision windows
  • Heat insulators
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Commercial ovens
  • UV blocking applications
  • Wood stove manufacturers

As a custom glass ceramic fabrication supplier, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass has these options available:

3 mm and 5mm thicknesses