Keep your operation rolling with the heavy-duty overhead roller window system from Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass

Heavy Duty Roller Assembly DiagramCertain operations in your production require an efficient industrial heavy-duty overhead roller window system that has the flexibility to roll, yet still provides maximum sealing protection.

After years of on-the-job testing and research, Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass has combined a rigidly constructed roller assembly frame with tight silicone seals and heavy-duty locks to give you a state of the art overhead rolling window to keep your operation rolling with minimum downtime for maintenance and replacement.

The Heavy-Duty Overhead Roller Window features Rigid Construction, Tight Silicone Seals, and Heavy-Duty Locks

  1. Rigid Construction
    Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass’ overhead custom heavy-duty roller windows have a rigidly constructed roller track assembly that can withstand heavy day-to-day usage. The roller track assembly is constructed with electric welded steel tubing that will continue to perform in even the roughest of operations.
    The Roller track assembly and double sealed roller bearings carry the window along the roller track. The entire roller block can be easily removed without disassembling the window, so that damaged roller bearings can be easily replaced in a matter of seconds. The roller track is designed with a notched section at one end so that the entire roller block assembly drops out with the removal of two cap screws. The roller block assembly is then placed back in the track and put into position. You’re back in business in a matter of seconds.
  2. Tight Silicone Seals
    Even though this industrial window can be moved to various positions, special heat-resistant silicone seals ensure that both the roller block mechanism and the operator’s area are protected from dust and dirt.
    Silicone seals are placed:

    • Between the window carrier frame and the roller track assembly.
    • At the points where both window frames align in the lock position.
  3. Heavy-Duty Locks
    It is important that the overhead rolling window remain stationary once put into a desired position. A heavy-duty overhead lock holds the window tightly in both the open and locked position. Overhead locks can also be customized to lock the window tightly in any position your specific operation demands. A side lock is then used in combination with the overhead lock to produce an even tighter protective seal when the window is in the lock position.

Available in both the “H” Frame Window & the “Kwik Release” style

Heavy-Duty Overhead Roller Industrial Blast-resistant Window Diagrams with H Frame and Kwik Release

The “H” Frame

The custom blast-resistant roller windows feature the Triple “H” Combination of the “H” seal, the “H” Frame, and the “H” Wedge for maximum sealing efficiency. This extremely rigid shock-resistant “H” Frame is constructed of 1/16″ stainless steel. Special silicone rubber U-seals around the glasses and between the mounting provide dual protection against high temperatures while maintaining the tightly sealed air space. Metal wedges exert a positive pressure on the “H” Frame to the Outer Frame, producing a safe air-tight seal against noise, dust, and fumes.

The “Kwik Release”

The heavy-duty overhead roller featuring Cincinnati’s exclusive “kwik release” mounting design and “spring-clip” fastening arrangement. The “kwik release” mounting design permits removal of window frames in seconds with no special tools. Glass removal and replacement is effortless due to the unique “spring clip”. A silicone gasket surrounds the glass in the frame to assure shock-proof mounting.

Quick & Easy Installation

As a finished product, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass’ overhead rolling window is shipped in one completely assembled unit that can be quickly and easily welded into place. Optional “fins” or blind stops are added to the outer sides of the roller assembly frame to ensure that the new window system is a custom fit despite the irregularity or unusual shape of the designated opening.

If you are replacing an existing heavy-duty overhead roller system, the overhead rolling window can be welded directly to the outside facing, immediately upon removal of the old window assembly.

New installations can be custom-fit to your specifications.