Medical Borosilicate Glass Fabrication

There are many uses for industrial glass within the medical industry. Cincinnati Gasket and Industrial Glass has the manufacturing capabilities to fabricate medical-grade industrial borosilicate glass and other medical glass for a range of medical products.

Medical Industrial Glass Applications & Capabilities

Our capabilities allow us to fabricate medical glasses for medical devices which uses radiation technology or light. One of the most common uses for borosilicate glass in the medical industry is in radiation devices.

Industrial Medical Glass Benefits

X-Ray detector glass and other radiation devices often need to be able to withstand high heat and/or radiation during fabrication or use.   Other benefits of this Borofloat glass for medical devices include:

  • Low thermal expansion
  • High surface quality and flatness for image clarity and accuracy
  • Low weight
  • Adherence to medical requirements & specifications
  • Economical

Medical Glass Materials:

Borofloat / Borosilicate Glass:

Borofloat glass is a great choice when choosing materials for medical applications. The minimal darkening over time of Borofloat compared to standard types of glass results in high clarity and transmission of light, providing for consistently high quality X-Ray images.

Fused Silica/Quartz

Quartz glass offers high purity which is perfect for optical and thermal properties used in medical laboratories and equipment.

Quartz glass is a common choice for sight glass applications used in the medical industry, for maximum light transmittance across a broad range of the light spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared.