Barge unloader cab windows

We’ve recently have had several inquiries from power generation plants having issues with barge unloader cab windows.  Cincinnati Gasket was able to draw on our long experience with tough industrial window applications to provide the perfect solution for these problems.

 Inside of barge unloader cabCincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass window assemblies recently installed in a barge unloader


It’s basically just a large crane cab, so what’s the big issue?

Due to the high overwater location and outward slope of the cab windows, they are not accessible for cleaning from the outside.  The windows must be easily removed and taken outside the cab for periodic cleaning.  In particular, lime dust clings tenaciously to the windows, reducing visibility.  This involves acid-based cleaners, so the windows must be made from materials that can stand up to the chemicals.

The previous window systems had removable inner frames glazed with dual-pane insulated glass (referred to as “sealed units”Windows from original equipment manufacturer in barge unloader in the window business).  These inner frame assemblies were held using threaded hold-downs on “all-thread” studs.

Mounted on the structural  steel between panes,  in one case the studs protruded several inches into the cab.   As a result, they were a “catch” hazard. Some were  bent at various angles from being impacted many times.

Another issue was that the fit of the removable inner frames in the existing structure was poor, allowing outside air, dust, rain, and snow to come into the cab. 

 OEM windows – poor fit, hard to remove and clean

Finally, the large size of the windows resulted in the inner frames being quite heavy and awkward to maneuver into and out of the cab for cleaning.



 After visiting the sites to discuss the issues and measure the existing window openings, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass proposed replacement systems that included new permanently mounted outer frames, to hold replaceable inner frame assemblies.  Features of the new system include:

  • Mullions to split the removable frames into smaller units, for lower weight and easier handling during cleaning operations.

Cincinnati Gasket windows inside barge unloader cab

  • The mullions were located at an agreed-upon height to minimize sight line interference during barge unloading


  • Cincinnati Gasket’s wedge-and-retainer retention system
    • Easy removal and re-installation of inner frames for cleaning
    • Tight and secure mounting of the inner frames
    • Low profile system has no parts protruding into the cab

Close up of Cincinnati Gasket barge windows in barge unloader cab










  • A combination of heat reflective and tinted glass to minimize heat gain and glare in the cab.
  • Stainless steel inner frame construction for resistance to potentially corrosive cleaning chemicals
  • Silicone rubber seals in the inner and outer frame construction to minimize leakage of air, dust, rain, and snow into the cab
  • Handles on all inner frames to facilitate changes and cleaning

Barge unloader cab windows



Since the installation of the Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass system, customer feedback has been extremely positive.  With the careful positioning of the mullions, operators report that the smaller size and weight of the removable frame assemblies makes the cleaning operation much safer and easier.   Even with the added mullions, there is no interference in operator sight lines during barge unloading.  The improved fit of the high quality stainless steel inner frames has eliminated intrusion of dust, rain, and outside air into the cab.   With the Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass window system, the barge unloader has become a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable place to work.