With the “H” Heat Shield Mounting for industrial Grade Window Supplier

You’re back in business in seconds.

Industrial WindowsThe “H” Frame window mounting is specialty crafted to provide you with custom industrial steel window systems that are easily and quickly replaced and require only minimal care and maintenance. In your business any unscheduled shutdown or delay is costly, so we’ve designed the “H” Frame to cut unproductive down-time by getting your equipment back on the job in seconds.

The “H” Frame can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement from inside the crane cab or pulpit without the use of any special tools. The same wedges that help create the “H” frames super tight seal can be quickly removed and replaced in just seconds.

Despite the “H” Frame’s effortless maintenance and installation, it continues to maintain the protective tightly sealed air space throughout years of continual use.

The “H” Frame window continues to be the single most efficient industrial window that gives you maximum sealing protection for personnel and equipment with minimum unproductive down-time for maintenance and replacement.

Custom Designs

The “H” Frame is available in standard or special sizes and can be customized to suit your particular needs. We can solve your design or remodeling problems, no matter how complex, with uniquely creative industrial window solutions. “H” Frame is an incredibly flexible design that can be easily tailored to fit your specifications.

“H” Frames can be mounted into existing openings with minimal modification.

Where existing openings are not functional, complete outer mounting industrial window frames can be fabricated to suit your needs.

Blind stops or “fins” can be added to outer mounting frames for unusually or irregularly-shaped openings.

“H” Frame industrial grade windows are available in single, double, or triple-glazed construction with any combination of heat-resistant glass up to 1-1/2″ thick. Mountings are available in stationary or rolling form.

For speedy ordering and correct size replacement, in the event of damage or breakage, each “H” Frame is assigned a serial number for easy reference.

Industrial Window System with H Frame Heat Shield Mounting

The Triple “H” Combination… for maximum sealing efficiency.

  1. The “H” Seal
    Special silicone rubber U seals around the glasses and between the mounting provide dual protection against high temperatures while maintaining the tightly sealed air space.
  2. The “H” Frame
    The “H” Frame is the only industrial window frame of its type to be constructed of 1/16th stainless steel, creating an extremely rigid shock-resistant mounting.
  3. The “H” Wedge
    Metal wedges exert a positive pressure on the “H” Frame to the outer frame, producing a safe, strong, air tight seal against noise, dust, and fumes.

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