Wide Variety of Lighting Glass

Lighting Glass ExamplesThrough our specialty glass tempering division, we offer a wide variety of lighting glass, well suited for a host of industrial glass needs including high temperature applications.

Glass parts as small as 1/2” in diameter and as thin as 1/8” are available, along with a complete list of services including O.D. grinding, drilling, sawing, surface polishing, CNC machining, waterjet cutting, tempering, heat strengthening, coatings, and sandblasting. Specialty glasses include UV blocking lighting glass, infrared reflecting lighting glass, and a wide range of diffused patterns and surfaces.

Types of Glass Offered:

  • Patterned, Ribbed & Crystal – Resistant to abrasion, static free, non-yellowing, and excellent diffusers
  • Clear Soda Lime – Economical for non-critical applications and tempered safety break pattern
  • Borosilicate Sheet & Tubing – High operating temperature, high thermal shock resistant, low thermal expansion, and excellent transmission
  • Fused Quartz – High operating temperature, purity, high thermal shock resistant, and excellent transmission

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass lighting glass is fabricated completely in house and developed to ensure the highest quality. From initial drafting to shipping, your lighting glass doesn’t leave our facility, allowing us to provide the fastest possible turnaround. We offer single-piece prototype orders, all delivered from a single source.