Glass Tempering Applications and Capabilities

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass specializes in tempering glass for a wide range of applications. Tempering glass involves a thermal process in which the glass is subjected to heat to its softening point. It is then cooled rapidly to give it high strength. In addition to strength, benefits that the process of tempering glass offers include high edge strength and resistance to thermal breakage. Fully tempering glass also provides an additional benefit that enhances safety. When certain types of glass is tempered and breaks, it fragments into small blunt pieces which curtail the chance of injury.

Tempering Glass for IndustrialThrough our specialty glass tempering services, we meet a variety of glass fabrication needs. Our complete list of services includes surface and O.D. grinding, drilling, sawing, surface polishing, CNC machining, waterjet cutting, coating, and sandblasting. Specialty industrial glass features include UV blocking and infrared reflecting heat shield.

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass Tempering Glass Advantages:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Single-piece prototype orders
  • Small sizes down to 1” diameter
  • Delivered from a single source